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Vaping is booming and it is normal to have a lot of people writing about it on the internet. However, here at Namaste Vapes we bring together experts on vaping to express their opinion and recommend the best vapes for each style. Turn on your vape and good reading! (Or take advantage to buy one here).

Ambassador Name 1

"Really impressed with this. Smart bit of kit that does the job brilliantly. Can't go wrong for the price at all.Read more.

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"Best vape I have used so far, by miles!" Read more.

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"This is my 4th dry herb vape and I know I can stop now. I have done so much research into the vapes I have." Read more.


Become an Ambassador

If you want to be part of it, click here. This programme offers you the opportunity to work with the largest vape online vape shop and reach commercial potential on a global stage.

The Benefits of beings a NamasteVapes Ambassador

Those who are NV Ambassador will get an opportunity to expose themselves to the global community of Namaste Vapes. Connect our audience to your knowledge.

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